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Definition- What Is A Large Diaphragm?

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Large diaphragm refers to the size of the diaphragm used in a microphone. Any microphone with a diaphragm larger than (and potentially including) 3/4? is considered to be a large diaphragm microphone. In general, large diaphragm microphones tend to have a ?big? sound that engineers find especially pleasing where a little more character might be advantageous, such as is the case with most vocals. Large diaphragms are generally more sensitive than small diaphragm or medium diaphragm mics because of the increased surface area. A common myth is that large diaphragm mics capture more low frequencies than small diaphragm mics. Sometimes their coloration may make it sound like this is the case, but a properly designed small diaphragm mic is more likely to be accurate throughout a wide range of frequencies, whereas the coloration of a large diaphragm mic can tend to enhance certain desirable characteristics in a sound, which sometimes amounts to more apparent bass or low end.


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