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Stompbox- How Do I Operate My UT100?

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The UT100 has three user-controllable parameters - Rate, Wave, and Depth.

Rate:  This parameter controls the speed of the of the tremolo's volume sweep

Wave:  This parameter controls the type of volume sweep.  For example, setting this fully counter-clockwise will result in a sweep that fades in and out, whereas fully clockwise will give you the effect of a kill switch which either allows signal to pass through fully or not at all.

Depth:  The parameter controls the how far the sweep will go.  Fully counter-clockwise will result in a very small depth, with the signal seemingly affected by only a small amount.  Fully clockwise will give a much larger depth which will result in the signal being affected quite heavily.

Experiment with different settings to get the result that sounds best to you.


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